Francis Patrick Brady & John B McKenna
Malmö Gallery Week

Thursday-Sunday, 24-27 September 2020, 12.00-18.00; Friday, 25 September, 12.00-20.00

Location: Research Archive

Foundation of the TeacherockRead more

‘Foundation of the Teacherock’ is a platform for projects created in collaboration between the magical fictions of storytelling, the playful structures of a game, the restless soundscapes of musical improvisation, and the delicate unmentionables of art. Presenting three projects created by or in collaboration with Foundation of the Teacherock created during 2019 at IAC:

Leif JF Callioscott – Public workshops, Audioguide tape, play-at-home workshops surrounding the topic of ‘The vertigo of play and fantasy in the theories of Leif J. F. Callioscott’, 2019

Undermedvetenheten – Mima LARP (Live Action Role Play) A game to be played alongside a record release that is designed to be playtested with an egalitarian AI chat bot called Mima. Partially based on the Swedish epic poem Aniara by Harry Martinson, 2019

Hesitation – Triple Bluff playtest of the board game in accompaniment to an album produced during IAC Residency, 2019

Event dates
24 September, 12:00
25 September, 12:00
26 September, 12:00
27 September, 12:00