Therese Bülow
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2022
Location: Red Room

Therese Bülow, Freeze, performance, Red Room

Therese Bülow (b. 1996) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen and Malmö. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (MFA) at Malmö Art Academy in 2022. Her work is a mesh of sculpture, props and performance. Making visible what actually lives next to and with us. Using the concept of worlding as an integrated understanding of her own practice, Bülow explores the borderland of living and non-living matter. In her work, she deals with ideas and constructions of the body and its environment.

In the performance ‘Freeze’, heavy lungs feel the space. A series of woolen wings enter the space along with the sound of an electric guitar. A coat, four sticks and lots of cable ties are the basis for a support structure that holds the air. Time stands still and the golden player breathes in and out.

Photo by Therese Bülow.

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Event dates
23 September, 18:30