FrimSyd Presents a Day of Experimental Music from France and Gothenburg
Melaine Dalibert, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Felicia Lindgren
Location: Red Room

16.30 / Melaine Dalibert

Pianist and composer Melaine Dalibert rose to international recognition with Ressac (Another Timbre, 2017). The recording beautifully documents Dalibert’s algorithmic style of composition – moving at a glacial pace through an austere, yet captivating, world of sustained tone sequences. In Malmö, Dalibert will give an hour-long recital of his recent work; a rare chance to experience his very particular musical vision in situ.


Pause for the performance of “The Dissapearance and Return of a Beloved” by Henrik Lund Jørgensen, Jakob Riis, Emeli Ek (18.00 and 19.00). Limited number of seats, booking is mandatory at


19.45 / Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

Bassoonist Dafne Vicente-Sandoval is a standout name within French electro-acoustic improvisation. Her restrained playing has been heard in collaboration with Klaus Filip and Pascal Battus, but she is also a well-regarded interpreter of contemporary music. In this later context, she has for instance performed pieces by Jakob Ullman and Tashi Wada. In Malmö, Vicente-Sandoval will be playing an improvised solo set on amplified bassoon.


20.45 / Felicia Lindgren

Felicia Lindgren has proven herself a powerful force within Swedish cassette culture, bringing new perspectives to an established formula of harsh electronic sound. Associated with the Forever United label in Gothenburg, she has convincingly displayed her understanding of raw industrial music through a series of hard to find tape recordings. Luckily, she also performs live.

Event dates
16 June, 16:30
16 June, 19:45
16 June, 20:45