FrimSyd presents
Marina Dzukijev, Szilárd Mezei, Vasco Trilla
Location: Red Room

Merzei, Dzukijev, Trilla plays music of furious virtuosity. Music that makes you hold your breath as you listen. It is sound rushing into a vacuum. It requieres your attendance.

Surprising and tantalising improvisations of great width from three creative players, Szilard Merzei on viola, Marina Dzukijev on piano and Vasco Trilla on drums. With this formation you don’t know what to expect. Chamber music, sombre, quiet, introvert? Or something else!

Szilard Merzei och Marina Dzukijev both grew up in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia). Vasco, half Portuguese, half Catalan, living his whole life in Spain, without Spanish citizenship but for sure 100% citizen of the world.

Doors 19.30, on stage 20.00
Entrance 80 kr, Student/Retired ao. 50 kr.

Event dates
17 January, 20:00
Ticket prices dates
Entrance 80 kr, Student/Retired ao. 50 kr.