Games and gamification: Theoretical basis and practical application.
Hedvig Jalhed
Location: Black Room

This lecture focuses on the tension between game design and gamification. It expands on ideas about play as psycho-social phenomenon and games as cultural and artistic artefacts, historically and today. Moreover, theories behind the concept of gamification, criticism of the practice, and the use of it in different domains are discussed.

Hedvig Jalhed is a trained opera singer and founder of the independent group Operation Opera (2010) and since 2013 the artistic director of the Halland opera & vocal festival. In 2022, she earned a PhD in Performance in Theatre and Music Drama at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, after having conducted a practice-led artistic research project in interactive and immersive chamber opera. For the position as director at IAC, she is taking a time out from her work as project manager at the Malmö Academy of Music.

The lecture is part of “1,2,3 Playtime. A lecture and workshop series in the field of gamification”. Find more information about the lecture series 1,2,3 Playtime here.

Photo credits: Arthur Gabler / Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Event dates
18 January, 10:00