Getting wet, reciting definitions for the water, or looking at its shadow on cave walls? From ontology to epistemology and back in interactive music performance
Pavlos Antoniadis

Pavlos Antoniadis will present an overview of previous work, focusing on different forms of epistemic access to musical performance. These include introspection, embodied cognitive theories, computation of multimodal performance data, interactive system development for technology-enhanced learning and performance augmentation, as well as actual and speculative forms of epistemic violence. As an homage to the Iannis Xenakis Centenary 2022, his case studies will feature Xenakis’ complete works for piano solo, in the form of data libraries and technological means for capturing, analyzing, augmenting and communicating performance practice.

Pavlos Antoniadis is a pianist, musicologist and technologist from Korydallos, Greece, currently a Humboldt Stiftung Fellow at the Technische Universität, Audiokommunikation, Berlin, a collaborator of the team interaction-son-musique-mouvement at IRCAM, Paris, and elected Associate Professor of Music Communication and Technology at the University of Ioannina.

Photo credit: Virgen 8u, Project ‘Habiter (avec) Xenakis’, Centre des Arts d’Enghien-Les-Bains

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Event dates
15 October, 10:00