Guattari Reading Circle
Guattari Reading Circle
Location: Seminar Room

The Guattari Reading Circle invites you to a reading at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden. 

We will read the text Everybody Wants to be a Fascist and discuss its relevance today. 

The reading takes place Saturday 13 February 2016 from 1 – 3 pm

The text Everybody Wants to be a Fascist is chapter 9 page 154-175 in the book Chaosophy

Please bring hard or digital copy. The link:

For those who live in Copenhagen, unfortunately, Guattari Reading Circle does not have a budget to cover travel expenses, so each will have to pay their own way. We will take the train at 12.06 from the Sweden Platform at the train station in the Copenhagen Airport.

Guattari Reading Circle is an open reading group focusing on impromptu studies of texts by the French institutional psychotherapist, philosopher and radical activist Félix Guattari. Established around the participation of the public, the reading circle is an itinerant function that responds to and involves the given site and particular group of its gathering – always organised around reading aloud and on the spot (without preparation).

Guattari Reading Circle is conceptualised and organised by visual artist Arendse Krabbe and visual artist, art critic and curator Mathias Kryger, and was founded in the autumn if 2014. It has travelled through multiple institutional contexts, investigating the relationship between the specific spaces, the dynamics of the given group and Félix Guattari’s writing. Guattari Reading Circle has previously been hosted by the following institutions and their given collectives, all situated in the greater Copenhagen area: Kunsthal Charlottenborg; The Mental Health Center Skt. Hans; The Zoological Collection, Copenhagen University; Bispebjerg Hospital; Medical Museion; Enghave Church; AsylFestival, Trampolinhouse.

Event dates
13 February, 13:00