Habebtshi – Concert with Uriel Barthélémi and Yasmine El Baramawy (France, Egypte)
Uriel Barthélémi, Yasmine El Baramawy
Location: Red Room

7 December, at 20:30
Doors: at 20:00; duration: 45’ min

This duo, bringing together the Egyptian oud player Yasmine El Baramawy and the drummer Uriel Barthélémi, takes us into unconventional territories, playing with aesthetic codes and words. Mixing kitsch and subversive Arab and Western pop, abstract electronic soundscapes, dancing and hypnotic tracks, ironic performance, and abused tradition, they create a totally unclassifiable universe, at the same time absurd, funny, energetic, messy and precise.

Uriel Barthélémi: drums, electronics, video
Yasmine El Baramawy: oud, electronics, voice, video

Production: Césaré CNCM/Reims.
Coproduction: Inter Arts Center. With the support of SACEM.

Uriel Barthélémi is an artist subsidized by DRAC Ile-de-France. He benefits from a residency at Césaré CNCM/Reims during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons, financed by the DRAC Grand Est. Creation of Habebtshi: FARaway – Festival des Arts à Reims (Fr), Sunday, February 12, 2022.

Yasmine El Baramawy is an Egyptian musician, sound artist, Oud performer and composer who came to Malmö through the ICORN City of refuge programme in 2020. She develops an original sound universe around her practice of the Oud – one of the world’s oldest instruments, but also around concrete music and other electronic experiments.

Read more about Yasmine El Baramawy as long-term collaborator at IAC.

Uriel Barthélémi is a drummer, composer and electro-acoustic musician. His language combines percussion, performance, sound & video programming and composition. He infuses each of his projects with this polymorphic and multicultural dimension. His multifaceted identity is found in the musical works he generates, dense and unclassifiable.

Visit Uriel’s webpage – urielbarthelemi.com

Images: Uriel Barthélémi © Delpnine Gatinoise / Yasmine El Baramawy © Sascha Kajic

Event dates
7 December, 20:30