Helena Fernández-Cavada
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2022

Artist talk: 24 September at 14:00, location: Red Room

This will be an opportunity to have a sharing session of the dummy publication’Breathing into yesterday’s futures: a pause to be grateful’, a publication fed by the research process started in 2015 and which material will be presented in a publication form. This publication collects archival material from different artist led movements in Sweden during the 30´s and 40´s. The presentation inquiries about the normalization of authoritarian movements in the everyday political landscapes and offers the possibility of a conversation within. The dummy enlighten the reorganization of these collectives in the peace movement, and explore the potential of the arts to nurture the collective bodies.

Part of the research process was done in collaboration with Sebastian Dalquist and its outcome was presented as an exhibition at Marabouparken Konsthall in 2019. This exhibition ‘Inhalle, exhale resume’ had the contribution of Thomas Millroth interviews to many of the artists involved in these movements.

This publication is another proposition, one of the many possible readings: it is a fragmented reading in form of a homage to the collective efforts that still affects my working conditions as an artist. The dummy presented at IAC displays the kind contribution of Olivia Plender drawings.

Photo: 30 Years. Helena Fernández-Cavada. Digital photography sketch. 2022

Read more about Helena as long-term artist here.

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Event dates
24 September, 14:00