HI GUYS!! please, ikke glem meg / Performance
Ingerid Frang, Johanna Karlsson
Location: VR/Sound Lab

Hi Guys!!

We are two 90´s beings that is searching for our place in the internet space. This is an inbjudan to our performance. The room is a workshop that is at the intersection between youtube, blog, TV kitchen and archive.

A fysiskt internet universum and a study of identity, nostalgia and the way of preserving our identities for the future in a digital age.

It is hard times for all of us and we will take care of you health ❤

Sign up by sending an email to 90slonelygirls@gmail.com and we will answer with an personal invitation.

It is all free!! No money needed.

Pleaseeee come to visit us for 30 minutes at Inter Art Center in Malmö on Wednesday. YOU can choose to come at 18.00, 19.00 or 20.00.

So excited to see you!


Lonely girls

Event dates
21 October, 18:00
21 October, 19:00
21 October, 20:00
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Free entrance. Registration needed.
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