How Little is Enough? Exhibition in connection to the 50% seminar by Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir
Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir

Opening hours: 3–17 December, weekdays, 10.00–17.00

Location: Café area

The exhibition is an introduction to the artistic research ‘How Little is Enough? Sustainable methods of Performance for Transformative Encounters’ in connection to the 50% intermediate seminar of Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir PhD candidate at Malmö Theatre Academy. The exhibition gives an insight into two artistic works made within the project, both performed in the summer of 2020 in Iceland. No Show, a solitary performance experience in 5 private homes in Reykjavík, and Island, a site specific participatory performance performed in an island just under the polar circle off the North coast of Iceland. Central to the artistic method, is a series of transformative encounters between different participants that play role in the process. The exhibition sheds light on the method and participants perspectives through photographs, video and texts.

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Event dates
3 December, 10:00
6 December, 10:00
7 December, 10:00
8 December, 10:00
9 December, 10:00
10 December, 10:00
13 December, 10:00
14 December, 10:00
15 December, 10:00
16 December, 10:00
17 December, 10:00