I Object
Gry Tingskog, Emma Strandsäter, Tuuli Vahtola, Oda Brekke, Maia Means
Location: Black Room

Special event: “I Object!” invites you to a public presentation including a performance on Sat, 03 March 2018, at 19.00 (Black room, IAC).

“I Object!” is a post-disciplinary study of the object-subject dualism in art and society. It studies the condition of the exhausted body, to which young women are the biggest risk group. Further, it studies the woman body as an exhausted object in art. As a verb, ‘object’ connotes a positioning, a resistance and a protest. This project will indulge in the art object as an act of resistance, an active position of critique. This project considers the burnout outbreak an embodied critique to today’s late-capitalist economy. The exhausted body is the ultimate feminist revolution; loudly objecting to a society that sacrifice bodies for economic profit. They revolt.

Event dates
3 March, 19:00