IAC Art Film Club #2: Harun Farocki
Harun Farocki
Location: Black Room

IAC Art Film Club is a study group for everyone interested in films made by artists. Each month we will watch one or more films that we discuss afterwards. Check out the IAC web page for updated information about the dates for upcoming screenings and information about the chosen films.

Date: Monday, 28 March, 18.00-20.00

Registration: To join the meetings you need to register at info@iac.lu.se and there will be room for max 15 attendees at each occasion. No entrance fee.

Location: Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö, 4th floor

IAC Art Film Club is hosted by Margot Edström and Hans Carlsson in collaboration with Inter Arts Center.

Films of the month:

For the second IAC Art Film Club we present two films by Harun Farocki (1944–2014):

The Expression of Hands (1997, 30 min)

Historically, the cinema close-up was initially employed to convey emotions through facial expressions. But soon filmmakers also began focusing their attention on hands. Using film extracts, Farocki explores this visual language, it’s symbolism, Freudian slips, automatisms and its music. Often, hands betray an emotion which the face tries to dissimulate. They can also function as a condu (exchanging money) or witness to a form of competence (work).

Retraining (1995, 44 min)

In a Clubhoter in Tessin, a charismatic sales coach instructs his pupils, East German employees from a building company, on how to live the ideology of western capitalism. Farocki follows the course the teacher offers, and the different practical outcomes his different exercises (often aiming at suppress self agency and will in the name of a ”everything for the customer”-agenda) in a film that explores the social and self regulatory aspects of commercial relations.

Read more about Harun Farocki here – harunfarocki.de

Photo: “The Expression of Hands”, © Harun Farocki, 1997

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28 March, 18:00
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