Iaspis residency
Patricia Morosan
Location: Artist Studio

Work-sharing / Iaspis residency

Throughout history, Europe’s borders have changed. Its centre has constantly shifted, and this perpetual dislocation can be measured. Berlin-based artist Patricia Morosan’s will present at IAC her artist book “(I) Remember Europe” published by Fotohof edition in 2022. The work poetically explores the arbitrary concept of borders by documenting 7 places in Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia that claim to be the geographical centre of the continent – each marked by its own monument.

“(I) Remember Europe” is a photographic journey that reveals the centre as an existential quest and as a political metaphor. Documenting these centres opens up the discussion on the concept of ‘Europe’ and the changing construction of the idea of the border. The work shows not only the mutability of borders – but also an emotional location in the coordinates that define themselves as the geographical centre of Europe. In her work, Morosan‘s images unfold a psychogeography of people, landscapes, villages, cities, and buildings that partly precede and partly react to the cartographic constructions of the centre.

Image credits: Patricia Morosan, Europa Nr. 2, Embroidery on Hahnemühle, drawing paper, 2023

Read more about Patricia Morosan as IASPIS resident at IAC here.

Event dates
30 November, 15:00