Immanence: The Reconstructed Pipe Organ / Sharing session
Calum Builder / Make Sound Residency
Location: VR/Sound Lab

A sharing session to mark the start of Calum’s Make Sound Residency “Immanence: The Reconstructed Pipe Organ” (17 April to 5 May). The Reconstructed Pipe Organ is an instrument set free from captivity – an organ that is dismantled, brought down from the balcony to be reassembled and spread out around the room. Calum is working with the organ’s breaths, sighs, and growls, investigating how to develop and document this creature.

The musical workings of Calum Builder immerse themselves in ethereal waves of sound that wash afresh over the listener. He is engaged in a wide range of projects from performing solo with saxophone and pipe organ to leading one of his large eclectic orchestras. Weaving between highly structured elements “Builder brings about a symbiosis of overflowing beauty and rumbling disturbances” (Jazz Special).

Read more about Calum Builder’s Make Sound Residency here.

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Read more about the Make Sound Residency here.

Calum Builder, photo by Michał Biel.

Event dates
20 April, 15:00