In the Cities / Performance – work in progress
Nicola Pianzola, Anna Dora Dorno, Alberto Novello Jestern
Location: Red Room

Performance – work in progress

Inspired by Calvino, ‘In the cities’ is an interdisciplinary experimental research and production project that aims to create the contemporary theatre production ‘The Global City’, a performance with a modulate structure able to be composed in a different sequence and to involve international artists, according to the different spaces and contexts hosting the residency phases.

Its original dramaturgy is composed by numbered memories collected in the several metropolises where the company has developed their projects. A fragmented memory characterizes our globalized era: from insuperable borders to forced disappearances, from the Korean diplomatic crisis to the Indian slums.

Instabili Vaganti Brochure

Concept and direction: Anna Dora Dorno (visual artist and director)

Main Performer: Nicola Pianzola (Instabili Vaganti Experimental Theatre)

Dramaturgy: Nicola Pianzola

Stage design and Installations: Anna Dora Dorno

Sound & live media interaction: Alberto Novello Jestern (multimedia artist and composer)

Video contents: Nicola Pianzola – Salvatore Laurenzana

Previous residency steps: Au Brana centre (France), Re. Te. Ospitale – Satriano di Lucania (Italy)


Co-production partners

Teatro Nazionale di Genova

Instituto Nacional Artes Escénicas / Festival FIDAE 2019 – Uruguay

Video sample of the project In the cities – Clip of The Global City perforformance work in progress

Previous Interdisciplinary works: Ausencia – Alone in the crowd

The memory of the flesh


Megalopolis#Neaples – Site-specific performance

MigrAzioni – Photo & performance project in Lapland

With the support of Region Emilia – Romagna – Italian Institute of culture of Stockholm

Event dates
13 April, 20:00