Inter Feral Arts II: Materiality and space
Zoe Efstathiou
Location: Red Room

Zoe Efstathiou – is a pianist and composer working with contemporary piano techniques and exploring the materiality of sound in an improvised performance, the timbral possibilities of the piano and the relationship between piano and electronics.

On this concert she will present works composed for her upcoming album, due to be released in 2020. In these works, she explores the possibilities of composing music for piano that has as a point of departure the exploration of materialities and spaces created by the real time improvisational interaction with the overtones of the instrument. The works, based on the relationship between timbre and space, are influenced by the environment and landscape of the ancient theaters of Epirus.

The pieces are going to be presented as a work in progress and accompanied by a verbal presentation of the working process towards their creation, as the concert itself will be a part of the creative process.


Dodona for amplified piano
Cassope for piano and fixed media
Amvracia for piano, electronics and fixed media

Listen to Zoe’s work at Bandcamp and at Soundcloud.

Event dates
16 December, 20:30