Inter Feral Arts II: Piano Recital
Pavlos Antoniadis
Location: Red Room

Dr Pavlos Antoniadis (PhD University of Strasbourg-IRCAM, MA University of California, San Diego, MA University of Athens) is a pianist, musicologist and technologist from Korydallos, Athens, Greece, currently based in France. He performs complex contemporary and experimental music, studies embodied cognition and develops tools for technology-enhanced learning & performance. He is invited researcher at the Interaction-Son-Musique-Mouvement team at IRCAM, as well as member of the Laboratory of Excellence GREAM, Université de Strasbourg, where he also taught seminars on computer music and contemporary performance practice.


James Erber, Memoriae Sacrum (2018, 5 min)
Lula Romero, Nomadic traces (2019, 8 min)
Franklin Cox, Etude 2a (2018, 5 min)
Dror Feiler, Barrikad nr. 2- In memory of Juliano Mer Khamis 29 May 1958 – 4 April 2011 (2015-16, 8 min)


Iannis Xenakis, Mists (1980, 10 min)
Klaus Karl Hübler, Sonetto LXXXIII del Michelangelo, für Klavier Solo (1986, 13 min)
Michael Edgerton, Noise is interrupting my practice: Silence is when my reaction is quiet. Silence is my protest against the way things are, for amplified piano (2014, 13 min)

Event dates
17 December, 19:00