CANCELLED: Interactive arts – translating gestures to experience
Marije Baalman
Location: Red Room

Book presentation & Lecture

How can gestures through the use of sensors and controllers, computational processing be translated to output media, such as sound, light and video? That is the topic of the book ‘Just a question of mapping’ that Marije Baalman is currently working on. Drawing from her own experience of working in the field as artist and researcher, and from case studies with musical instrument inventors and performers, choreographers for interactive dance, software engineers and media artists, she is bringing together insights from different fields into how to approach this question. The book’s aim is to bridge esthetical concepts and technological implementations, and to be used as a handbook for artists, researchers and teachers who are in the field, or coming into the field.

Marije Baalman has built new musical interfaces since 2002 and has been creating various projects involving realtime data in the contexts of music, dance and installations. In addition, she has been developing the Sense/Stage wireless sensing platform since 2007, which is available through a webshop. She has held numerous workshops involving realtime sensing and mapping data from sensors to sound.

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Event dates
27 March, 15:00