Interbrain synchrony. A test.
Thomas Romlöv (KubKub), Emil Berzén
Location: Black Room

6 time slots. 2 persons per slot. Registration required!

An intriguing fact in collective neuroscience is the finding that when two people converse or share an experience, their brain waves synchronize. We see evidence that interbrain synchrony prepares people for interaction. We wish to examine ways of displaying this synchronicity by laser-mapping the output of two interacting brains to laser light and displaying it in real time. Our goal is to research if and how cognitive processes can be represented through artistic means, and what, if anything, that output tells us as an audience.

During a conversation or a shared activity, the Brain activity of the people involved start to mirrow each other.The syncronicity is thought to be related to emphaty, understanding and effective communication.

Can we visualize this in realtime with laser? We invite you to participate in the test:

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16 February, 11:00
16 February, 11:30
16 February, 12:00
16 February, 12:30
16 February, 14:00
16 February, 14:30
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