Intonal at IAC: Giuseppe Pisano & Mads Kjeldgaard
Giuseppe Pisano, Mads Kjeldgaard
Location: Red Room

Acousmatic music is experiencing a surge in interest in Norway. Thanks to an international and vibrant experimental scene, the rich tradition of spatial music is taking on many new forms in these, the most northern parts of Europe. In a collaboration between The Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and Arts (Notam) in Oslo and the Inter Arts Center (IAC) in Malmö, a wide selection of electro-acoustic pieces from the Oslo scene will be presented and diffused on the 24 channel acousmonium in the Red Room. Before the concert, the two composers in charge of sound diffusion – Giuseppe Pisano and Mads Kjeldgaard – will host a seminar.

15.00 Seminar organized by NOTAM, Oslo

19.00 Concert

About NOTAM:

Notam is a center for the development and innovative use of technology in music and the arts. The center is a resource for anyone who works with technology as an artistic tool, and is focused on tailoring technological solutions for artists and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

About Mads Kjeldgaard:

Mads Kjeldgaard (b. 1988 Horsens, Denmark) is a composer, developer and sound artist exploring the boundaries of computer music and field recording. His work is concerned with psychoacoustics, microsound, sound environments, immersive audio and spectromorphology among other things. He is heavily inspired by the traditions of concrete music. He has a degree in radio journalism and has studied Electronic Music Composition at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) at the Royal Academy of Music. He is currently working at The Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and Arts (aka Notam) in Oslo and is part of nyMusikk’s Composer Group.

About Giuseppe Pisano:

Giuseppe Pisano’s (b. 1991) interests reside in the exploration and investigation of space as a compositional tool. His work features an extensive use of field recordings that act as scores for his compositions and that blend with heavy processed materials and elements of popular music in order to design dystopian soundscapes. His formal education includes electroacoustic composition and music technology at the Conservatorio di Napoli, the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and Norges Musikkhøgskolen, where his main focus is immersive audio and spatialization.

Event dates
28 April, 15:00
28 April, 19:00