Intonal at IAC: Oswaldo Maciá
Oswaldo Maciá
Location: Black Room

The Opera of Cross-pollination (2018)

Olfactory-acoustic sculpture and ambisonics composition 22.2

Oswaldo Maciá’s The Opera of Cross-pollination (2018) positions the audience in the vague frontier where knowledge ends and ignorance begins. According to Maciá, this is the place where the senses begin to speak. The immersive installation is an olfactory-acoustic sculpture that directly addresses this frontier, avoiding visual representation and inviting us into a dialogue between our senses. Volumes of sound collide in space, while aromas diffuse throughout the same space.

Oswaldo Maciá affirms the importance of insects and their symbiosis with plants for human existence and for the environment generally. The Opera of Cross-pollination stages the drama through the phenomena of human sense perception. If the world follows its current trajectory, cross-pollination, in both intellectual and biological terms, may soon disappear, with catastrophic consequences.

The Opera of Cross-pollination was originally commissioned by RIBOCA1, 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Latvia in 2018.

Smell component created with master perfumer Ricardo Moya (IFF, International Flavors and Fragrances)

Opening hours: Friday 18-22, Saturday 15-23, Sunday 14-21

Event dates
26 April, 18:00
27 April, 15:00
28 April, 14:00