INTONAL/SOUND SPACES: Lasse Munk: Tanker om Døden
Location: Red Room

In collaboration with Make Sound Residency and the SOUND SPACES Festival

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“Thoughts about Death” is a project to abolish the taboo about death, by sharing thoughts recorded in interviews with people of all ages and placing them in an artistic context.

“My mom is a nurse at an eldercare home. When I was a child, she often brought me to her workplace, both in day and night shifts. I became friends with old people, and they taught me many things. I think it’s a shame that we see aging and its accompanying diseases as a ‘condition’ we as a society have ‘to cure’. These old people have worked hard all their life to create a present for my generation, which is easier to live in, than it was for them in their generation. We place them in eldercare homes, so we do not have to think about them or deal with their problems. My generation keep talking about and aspiring for ‘something that will soon be’, ‘happiness’, ‘wanting more of’ and forget that experience is about also living in the past and sharing memories. Standing still for a moment, and enjoying the company of others.”

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Event dates
19 June, 21:30
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free entrance