INTONAL/SOUND SPACES: Ingvild Skandsen: The Elements of Colour
Location: Red Room

In collaboration with Make Sound Residency and the SOUND SPACES Festival

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“The Elements of Colour” is an artistic research about the potential of working with timbre the same way visual artists work with colours. Timbre means tone colour or tone quality, and it makes us able to distinguish between different voices, sounds and instruments that we hear. It is also an important factor that affects the perception of emotion in music. “The Elements of Colour” is named after, and inspired by the Swiss painter Johannes Itten’s discourse on the colour system, a handbook meant for visual artists and students. The book is filled with expressions inspired by music, such as colour chords, colour harmony, and colour modulations, and in this project the principles are translated into the auditive field, and treated methodically into musical études.

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Event dates
19 June, 19:30
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free entrance