Introduction to the use of the humanoid robot Epi in ongoing cognitive research.
Birger Johansson
Location: VR/Sound Lab

The session includes hands-on experiments with Epi at the IAC and features both guidance and lecture by Birger Johansson, Director of the Cognitive Robotics Lab at Lund University

What are robots good at? What are they not quite as good at? The lecture will present some of the advancements and challenges in robot research with a focus on the research conducted at Lund University Cognitive Science (LUCS). At LUCS, we use our own robot, Epi, for experiments in social robotics and brain modeling. We are particularly interested in non-verbal communication, such as gestures or eye movements. In second part of the lecture, we will connect Epi and demonstrate how to create simple behaviors on the robot. No technical prerequisites are required to program Epi.

The lecture is part of “1,2,3 Playtime. A lecture and workshop series in the field of gamification”.

Find more information about the lecture series 1,2,3 Playtime here.

Event dates
29 January, 10:00