Jerman and Barnes
Jeph Jerman, Tim Barnes
Location: Red Room

The duo Jerman and Barnes offers a powerful, minimalist music, anchored in their common dedication to the creative acts through listening. Jerman is a veteran in the creative music scene in Denver and Seattle. In recent years he has thoroughly researched the potential sound sources in the desert Southwest, where he lives and works. Barne’s resume as a percussionist, sound engineer and curator is packed with stellar collaborations include Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth, Ken Vandermark, Royal Trux, and Tower Recordings.
The last few years have been the most productive for the duo and included releases on Erstwhile, Confront, Astral Spirits, and Idea Intermedia.

Jeph Jerman, elektronica and Tim Barnes – elektronica and percussion

The concert is organized by FRIM/SYD.


Event dates
13 February, 19:30