Kirstine Lindemann with Lars Kynde
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2022
Location: Red Room

The concert consists of two audio-visual pieces, total length 20 minutes.

other hand by OTHER EYE: for 1 performer, sound design, amplification, video and objects (2021)

‘other hand’ is a part of the work series, ‘other other,’ developed by the duo, OTHER EYE, consisting of the combined composers and performers, Yiran Zhao and Kirstine Lindemann. In ‘other hand,’ Lindemann and Zhao, work with the hand, the human hand and a wooden hand, as a conceptual, visual and sonic frame.

Performance: Kirstine Lindemann.

TRIO by Kirstine Lindemann: The TRIO is written for two performers, vocoders, contact mics, lights and a synthesizer

Lindemann’s music is centred around the exploration of the limitations and the possibilities of connection posed by the body when it is understood as a musical instrument. TRIO embodies this exploration of sound, space and body through gestures, voice, lights and a synthesizer. The piece is written for Sebastian Berweck and commissioned by Klang – Copenhagen Avantgarde Festival with the support of Koda Kultur.

Performance: Lars Kynde & Kirstine Lindemann.

About Kirstine Lindemann

With a special interest in the body and the movement as compositional material, Kirstine Lindemann’s work, as a composer and performer, focuses on that space between you and I.

Lindemann has worked in various artistic constellations with festivals and venues in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Poland and South Africa, as both a composer and performer. Her latest works have been performed at Klang Festival, Copenhagen 2022, Heroines of Sound, Berlin 2022, and at Brick-15, in Vienna, 2022.

In 2021, she was granted the talent prize from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s foundation for her work as a composer. Earlier years, she’s received the 1st prize in the TUF chamber music competition, in Iceland and the Dioraphte Gold Award, at Amsterdam Fringe Festival along with numerous grants from e.g. Knud Højgaards Fond, Fondation Idella, Augustinus Fondens Jubilæumslegat, The Danish Composer’s Society and The Danish Arts Council. Currently she is a part of the Danish Arts Council’s programme, ‘The Young Artistic Elite,’ that supports Danish artists over the course of 2 years.

Her piece, ‘Further & Back,’ has been nominated to the European radio prize, The Hidden Treasure’s Mixtape, organized by, The International Rostrum of Composers.  The piece has been performed in various versions, among others by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart.

It has been recorded by Damkapellet and will be published by Dacapo Records, in 2023.

Together with composer-performer Yiran Zhao she forms the duo OTHER EYE.

Lindemann is connected as a long term collaborator to IAC and is an active member of the feminist ensemble, Damkapellet (DK).

Read more about Kirstine Lindemann as long-term collaborator at IAC.

Photo by Kristoffer Juel Poulsen.

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Event dates
23 September, 20:00