Jaleh Negari / INTONAL 2022
Make Sound / Danish Composer’s Society
Location: Black Room

Live performance #3: Jaleh Negari 

Composer and drummer Jaleh Negari works in the field of experimental electronic music, percussion and sound art. She has been a key figure in the experimental scene in Copenhagen for more than a decade, exploring her practice as a composer and drummer with a vitality like few others. Her work is incredibly versatile and spans from hip hop groups to performance setups, experimental noise acts and avant-garde composition.

In June 2021 Jaleh Negari released her second solo album ‘Weaver ~’, unfolding her work with electronic composition through musical translations of field recordings from travels in Denmark, Indonesia and Iran.

Jaleh Negari appears as a member of the Danish rocknoise outfit Selvhenter and in the dance- and sound performance group Meshes. She collaborates with artist Felia Gram-Hanssen in their common audio/visual project Fungal Network and is also a founding member of the artist collective and label Eget Værelse.

Jaleh Negari, photo: Alva Le Febvre.

See the video ‘Opening Pattern’ by Jaleh Negari on Vimeo.

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Event dates
24 April, 17:00