Sebastian Moske
Malmö Gallery Weekend 2021
Location: Artist Studio

‘One Night in Klein Mexiko / Dear’ is a work of two videos — with two narrative strategies — that are dealing with a neighborhood in Bremen, Germany popularly known as »Klein Mexiko« (Little Mexico): a neighborhood constructed in a 1920s period of social urban planning for working class families and before WW2 also home to communist party members. The name that remained since that time and its narrative forces are the starting point for the videos. 

Sebastian Moske, One Night in Klein Mexiko, 2020, video, color, sound 7.30 min. 

Sebastian Moske, Dear, 2020, video, color, sound 8.45 min. 

Opening hours: Friday, 18-22 & Saturday to Sunday, 12-16 

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Event dates
24 September, 18:00
25 September, 12:00
26 September, 12:00