Mapping Artistic Research. Towards Diagrammatic Knowing. (Lecture & Open Discussion)
Vytautas Michelkevičius
Location: Red Room

Vytautas Michelkevičius will hold a lecture presenting his research and book followed by an open discussion.

How can we practice artistic research not only as artists but also as curators and researchers in the social sciences and humanities? This book maps various modes and manifestations of artistic research in three contexts: contemporary art, doctoral studies, and research in academia. Employing both methods of interdisciplinary scholarly research and practice-based (curatorial) research, it outlines the most sensitive issues in artistic research: the relationship between theory and practice, connections to art practice and usual modes of research, knowledge and its production, and the changing identities of artists and researchers.

This book brings into the daylight a few conceptions of artistic research which are based on Michelkevičius’ curatorial practice, teaching in academy and doing research in between social sciences, humanities and art.

Within the book loiters/lingers 3,5 shaky questions about artistic research inviting the audience to join Michelkevičius for discussion:


5.1. What Has the Research Turn in Art Changed?

5.2. Is Artistic Research a New Type of Applied Art?

5.3. Or is it Merely a New Short-Lived Trend, a Genre or Kind of Art, or a Definition Applicable Only to a Specific Type of Art?

5.4. Is the PhD in Art a Long-Term Residency Programme or a Means of Value Creation Spawned by the Neoliberal Climate?

Mapping Artistic Research. Towards Diagrammatic Knowing

Vilnius Academy of Arts Press, 2018, 336 pages. Reed excerpts from the book.

Translation from Lithuanian: Jurij Dobriakov; Design: Laura Grigaliūnaitė

Dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius (LT) is a curator, researcher and associate professor whose focus has gradually shifted from photography in the expanded field to media art & theory, and lately to artistic research in academia and beyond. He also employs various diagramming and mapping methodologies in his practice. He teaches art practice & theory for BA, MA and DA/PhD students at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and is the artistic director of Nida Art Colony.

Michelkevičius has curated exhibitions of artistic research in various situations, among them the Lithuanian Pavilion in the 56th Venice Biennale, doctoral researchers’ exhibition “Worktop <> Desktop <> Showtop“, etc. He has edited and authored more than 10 books on art and media. More information.

Event dates
6 February, 15:00