Immersive Days #1: VR performance works and investigations into performance technologies.
Gibson / Martelli

A presentation about Gibson / Martelli’s latest research and work investigating VR performance technologies.

Location: Online via Zoom

“Examining ideas of player, performer and visitor, european art duo Gibson / Martelli playfully address the position of the self – intertwining tropes of videogames and traditions of figure & landscape. Working with live simulation, performance capture, installation and video the artists create immersive virtual realities.” D. Surman ‘Performance In Disguise: Notes on Gibson / Martelli’

Graduates of RMIT with a joint PhD in immersivity and somatic sensing. Worldwide commissions include residencies in North America, China, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and exhibitions at the Barbican, Centro de Arte Moderna, Lisbon, Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Venice Biennale.

The artists currently work on an AI and machine learning project with collaborators at Goldsmiths University of London and Creative Computing Institute UAL. Gibson is Associate Professor at Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University. The artists live and work in London.

Photo credits: DAZZLE, 2020 – Moving image installation with live performance, sound and virtual reality.

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Event dates
9 June, 10:00