Absurd sounds and the use of space
Master Class with Yann Coppier
Location: Black Room

Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2023, at 15:00–17:00

Location: Black Room, IAC

The masterclass is aimed at Master- and PhD students from all three academies at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University.

Linked to the intimate 3D sound installation “Family Life – recomposed”’, through this master class the audience will be exposed to the challenges of such a complex project while experiencing it, following Yann’s ambitious artistic research publication around “Absurd Sounds” in the Journal of Artistic Research (JAR), in 2021.

Formerly head of the Sound Line at Den Danske Scenekunstskolen, Yann will confront the audience to alternative strategies while producing art, based on his research work on sound and the absurd. From finding movement into empty spaces to recording below silence, from bringing reality into the virtual world to creating new realities based on the virtual, from approaching a building with a partner to performing with a building as a partner. The material developed should help artists and students from any background generate new, exciting material by questioning the very nature of what they are supposed to do, as they discuss innovation based on meaning instead of technology.

Visit the page “Absurd Sounds” here – www.researchcatalogue.net

Read more about the project “Family life – recomposed”

Yann Coppier is a French sound artist based in Copenhagen, where he relentlessly questions, experiments and invents his own ways of making sound in the real and in the virtual world.

Visit Yann Coppier’s webpage – studio-ovale.com

Family Life recomposed. Photo: Yann Coppier.

Event dates
8 March, 15:00