Developing artistic skills in the programming environment Max
Freja Andersson / Region Skåne residency
Location: Black Room

Duration: 16:00-17:00

Access code: 123

Get an insight into the artistic work process that artist Freja Andersson and composer Erik Peters are carrying out within the framework of the Region Skåne call “The potential of digitalisation for new artistic methods, techniques and forms of expression” at IAC in 2022.

During a series of residencies in spring and autumn, Freja and Erik explore the possibility of using the visual programming language Max to develop new artistic methods for sound, image, spatiality and performance. During the presentation they will share their experiences and show examples from the process.

The project is selected as part of the Region Skåne Call, which focuses on improving conditions for artistic creation through technical solutions, digital tools and the development of artistic methods.

Have a look at Freja’s Region Skåne residency at IAC.

Visit Freja Andersson’s artist page –

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Event dates
6 October, 16:00