Memory Lab / An experimental project about private memories and intimate places
Rani Nair
Location: Black Room

You are welcome to enter the laboratory during 3-5 June for a ‘one-to-one session’. Please contact to book your session.

To see what is not there, to feel what it was like back then. An experimental work exploring intimate moments and spaces.

Memories and archives have been a recurring theme for several years, both in Rani Nair’s own works and through projects she has been invited to. Based on her former works, like “Future Memory”, Rani has developed different methods of working with memories which she now wants to develop into a new work – a kind of memory lab that engages with the audiences, in a participatory laboratory. A new work for the intimate and personal that can be shown outside the theater room. Rani Nair is developing her new work as part of the Open Call Residency. She has collaborated with Malin Holgersson, Joanna Ekström, Celine Orman during this period.

Event dates
3 June, 11:00
4 June, 10:00
4 June, 14:00
5 June, 11:00