merged duo-installation (video/graphic scores/sound)
Felia Gram-Hanssen, Jaleh Negari
Location: Black Room

Felia Gram-Hanssen and Jaleh Negari will show a merged duo-installation made of a video piece, graphic scores and a sound piece.

The artist duo considers their collaboration and artistic process as a fungal network/a rhizomatic network, and they meet in their common crush on drums, field recordings and shared focus on translations from one media to another.

They will shortly present the work and material, and wish to invite all interested to a following discussion and feedback session.

The installation is part of the Make Sound Residency in which Felia Gram-Hanssen and Jaleh Negari investigate the process of translation and transformation from one medium to another, based on the phenomenon of fungal networks.

Event dates
22 November, 16:00