MINOTAUR GRL: work in progress
Eliza Bozek [moltamole]
Location: Black Room

Make Sound artist Eliza [moltamole] is inviting you to MINOTAUR GRL: work in progress [sharing] encapsulated in a form of a sound installation at the Black Room on Friday, 3rd of March at 18:00. The spatial composition is woven out of the voice clones Eliza [moltamole] has been training throughout her Make Sound residency time. At this point, the clones are rooted in one voice, augmented and extended through an array of [recorded] vocal expressions. The installation will explore a meeting between the plural, abstracted shades of a singular voice, and whether that meeting can create a space for projecting poetic narratives, inspired by the unheard.

Registration: Please register for participation by sending an email to bozekeliza@gmail.com.

Read more about Eliza’s Make Sound residency here.

Event dates
3 March, 18:00