Work-in-progress presentation: ‘Mother Soldier’ by Sandra Boss
Make Sound Residency
Location: Red Room

A work-in-progress presentation of the performance ‘Mother Soldier’ by Sandra Boss.

During her Make Sound residency at IAC, Sandra collaborated with two percussionists, a dramaturge, a choreographer and a costume designer and will now show the fruits of this inter-artistic collaboration during her work-in-progress presentation on Thursday, 15:00 in the Red Room.

‘Mother Soldier’ is a performative and musical work written for a percussion ensemble that reinterprets the march drum as a timbral and cultural symbol. Sandra develops her work by engaging in an inter-aesthetic dialogue with others and taking their input into her compositional process. After the presentation, the guests are invited to join in a dialogue so that their thoughts and ideas can flow into the further work.

Sandra Boss is a Danish-based composer and performer working in the field between instrumental music, electronics, installation and performance. Her works range from orchestra pieces and chamber music to solo performances and installations.

Read more about ‘Mother Soldier’ and Sandra’s Make Sound Residency here.

To access Inter Arts Center (IAC), at Bergsgatan 29, please use door code 123 at the entrance, and take stairs or elevator to the 4th floor.

Installation view (detail). Photo: Sandra Boss.

Event dates
19 January, 15:00