OFF HIGHWAY: fog & fox tour
Indra Linderoth, Nina Jeppsson
Location: Red Room

During OFF HIGHWAYs residency at IAC they are developing their odd performance concert format for voice and loop-pedal. The research takes place within the framework of their ongoing experimental sound piece “fog & fox tour” in  which they tell poetic and morbid fables with non(common)sensmoral.

“Oh yes, PR leads to death,” groaned Rupert Fox and froze in the image of himself.

In OFF HIGHWAY’s second voice journey the search continues towards the outskirts and insignificances of the city/body. We are navigating by a triangular map with one of its tips pointing down: we turn our burning blind eyes toward the daylight, broaden our trembling leaking mouth openings, rise on unsteady backbones and reach towards: ?

Hear us conjure an uncertain place where the categories of reality and identity crack up
– all should go to waste

OFF HIGHWAY finish their two week residency at Inter Arts Center with a performance 2/6 19:00

Event dates
2 June, 19:00