Immersive Days #1: The AFR Machine or How to Leave Reality IRL
Francis Patrick Brady

Sunday, June 13 at 10.00
Location: Online workshop via Zoom

The AFR Machine or How to Leave Reality IRL.

‘The AFR (Away From Reality) Machine or How to Leave Reality IRL’ is an online workshop and set of instructions that helps you temporarily leave reality from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel anywhere. It is a list of poems and paradoxes that help the player to leave reality and visit other realms and also gives them the skills to build their own poems and paradoxes to help other people to leave reality. Set in a reality where no one can leave their homes or visit the “real world” the AFR machine is the only method for visiting any kind of reality. It is VR without VR, and reality without reality.

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Event dates
13 June, 10:00