Open house at Malmö Gallery Night
Alberto Franceschini, Martina Tomner & Ida Höög, Critical Dialogs (Christine Antaya & Matthew Rana), Kalle Brolin, Simon Christensen
Location: Black Room

Join us for Malmö Gallery Night, where the IAC, as usual, opens up to the public with a diverse program. Works will be presented by several artists from the fields of visual arts, theater, film and music. This year’s program includes performances by Alberto Franceschini, Martina Tomner and Ida Höög, a video work by Kalle Brolin as well as Simon Kristensen’s work that combines art film and live music. Besides we introduce our new vinyl listening station along with the launch of ‘Critical Dialogues’, a contemporary art podcast hosted by Christine Antaya and Matthew Rana.


Kalle Brolin, ‘Phantom Zone Projector’, video installation, Artist studio, 18.00-24.00

Alberto Franceschini, ‘Do I look fluid?’, performance, at 19.00 & 22.00, interactive installation, Black Room, at 20.30

Martina Tomner & Ida Höög, ‘Des/information’, open rehearsal, Red Room, at 18.15-21.00

Critical Dialogs (Christine Antaya & Matthew Rana), a contemporary art podcast, launch and conversation, Café/Research Platforma and listening station, at 20.00

Simon Christensen & Robert Schaller, ‘Chamber Cinema Set’, video installation, VR/Sound Lab, 18.00-24.00

Event dates
28 September, 18:00