Open Lecture #1 – Max in Performing Arts
with Viktor Dahl
Location: Red Room

The registration date for the open lecture #1 at IAC has passed. If you missed to register for the physical meeting, you can join the open lecture via Zoom (live streaming). Please enter the following link.

With a foundation in his research on Hartmut Rosa’s ‘Uncontrollability’ as a prism for developing sound design tools in MAX, Viktor Dahl will introduce some of the ideas and patches he has developed to go alongside the usual tools used for performing arts: digital mixers, sound interfaces and QLab. Starting from his own experience creating living sound designs for theatre, he will introduce tools that will add to the additional toolset of the sounddesigner and help further unfold the potential of QLab, multichannel sound systems and live-inputs on stage.

© Viktor Dahl / Max/MSP used for the performance work “Blackout” by Tim Bishop
Event dates
19 December, 14:00