Open Lecture #2 – Max and Music. ‘Different approaches for different needs’
with Luca Guidarini
Location: Red Room

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Since the first releases of the software, Max/Msp had fascinated numerous musicians to use it as the main interface to use for a piece of music. This practice, since the 90s, established a practical tradition that in the last 30 years grew even more. After a brief historical contextualization, this conference will focus on different usages of the software in both compositional and performative practices of different composers, with different musical needs and exploring their realization of it. The example will be extract from practices of computer-aided composition, spatialized audio and live electronics, sensor-based music performance.

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© Luca Guidarini / Max/MSP used for the performance work “Blackout” by Tim Bishop

Event dates
17 November, 10:00