Open rehearsal / OPEN END: Two women sitting at a table taking time
Diethild Maier, Sara Pons
Location: Black Room
Wouldn’t we all like to have more time? So why do we behave in exactly the opposite way, filling our time with as many things as possible? Is there an error in the equation: number of experiences = quality of life?
OPEN END is an alchemistic experiment designed to transform time into matter. Conscious of the impossibility of their attempt, Diethild Meier and Sara Pons choreograph a space in which time extends and compresses, passes, begins and ends, begins and ends again and again, pulsates and vibrates… until their tears flow and water falls.

Open rehearsal at IAC: Friday, 31 August at 3 pm

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Project credits:

Concept, artistic direction, production: Diethild Meier | Creation, performance: Diethild Meier & Sara Pons | Sound: Nicklas Lundberg, Aaron Snyder | Light: Emese Csornai | Supported by the Berlin Senate of Culture and Europe, Tanzfabrik Berlin (Germany) and Stenkrossen Lund.

Residencies at nunArt Gràcia, Barcelona (Spain), Inter Arts Center Malmö, Wiesen 55 e.V. (Germany).

Premiere: 4 November 2018, 18:00, Tanzfabrik Berlin, in the frame of “OPEN SPACES#3”

Event dates
31 August, 15:00