Open showings “Family Life Recomposed”
Yann Coppier
Location: Black Room
Open showings “Family Life Recomposed”

15 & 16 March: at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 (3 timeslots)
17 & 18 March: at 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00 (4 timeslots)
Limited places: max. 8 people per showing/timeslot

Registration: Please register for participation by sending an email to and indicating the DAY/TIME you wish to attend.

Family life, and children in general are commonly associated with chaos and unsolicited noise. Something sound artists themselves mostly try to avoid, as the worst place for them to work. The 16-loudspeaker installation, in opposition, aims at celebrating the musicality in everyday life, where intimacy and brutality, tensions and resolutions, power and abandonment are all intrinsically linked together.

A family of four was thus recorded through a network of omnidirectional microphones set in an apartment located on Blågårdsgade, Copenhagen, early 2022. The technique used doesn’t aim at recording people, instruments nor objects in a defined space though, but the space itself including its full acoustics in which, incidentally, people, instruments and/or objects might be interacting. Making it counter-intuitively a non-anthropocentric work which allows its audience to experience a most intimate world from any point of listening, somehow from the apartment’s own point of view: everywhere and nowhere at the same time as it seemingly encapsulates everything, the inside and the outside, in a 100m2 box filled with emotions…

Read more about the “Family Life – Recomposed” project here.

Yann Coppier is a French sound artist based in Copenhagen, where he relentlessly questions, experiments and invents his own ways of making sound in the real and in the virtual world.

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Image credits: Yann Coppier

Event dates
15 March, 13:00
15 March, 14:00
15 March, 15:00
16 March, 13:00
16 March, 14:00
16 March, 15:00
17 March, 13:00
17 March, 14:00
17 March, 15:00
17 March, 16:00
18 March, 13:00
18 March, 14:00
18 March, 15:00
18 March, 16:00