Open Concert / Work in progress
Cecilia Nordlund, Fullmånen Från Helvetet
Location: Red Room

OPEN CONCERT/WORK IN PROGRESS with Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen Från Helvetet

Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen Från Helvetet – is a collaboration between the singer and songwriter Cecilia Nordlund, noise-artist and composer Julia Giertz, cellist Åsa Gjerstad and percussionist and multi instrumentalist Lotta Wenglén. The music is suggestive, dark, hopeful and crisp at the same time. Giertz electronic landscapes of noise creates an effectful contrast to Gjerstads heartful cello, Nordlund´s personal lyrics and dynamic voice and Wengléns steady beats.

Time: 12.30-13.00

Event dates
4 February, 12:30