other ear – A talk on making music for heads, hands, eyes and ears
Kirstine Lindemann, Yiran Zhao
Location: Black Room

While making compositions in which the movement and sound of the body forms the main compositional material the project ‘other ear’ researches and discusses how the staging and the physical presence of the performer creates relations to an audience.

In the piece, ‘Can you hear me?’ and in collaboration with Yiran Zhao, Kirstine Lindemann explores what happens in the meeting with an audience when the physicality of the performers is the core of the music composition.
Musicologist and composer Andrew Walsh describes the piece, ‘other eye’, by the duo of the same name, as follows: The piece invites a certain intimacy in our consideration of performing bodies, magnifying the performers’ physical bodies to the scale of sound and video installation, bringing their inner corporeality to the stage. We are no longer at a safe, objective distance from the performers on stage, but experience their inner physicality directly through contact microphones and magnified video. It is this tension of the physicality of the performers on stage in the relation to an audience that the project ‘other ear’ wishes to explore.

In the talk at IAC Kirstine Lindemann will share reflections on the physicality in composition and performance and show extracts of works with OTHER EYE along with the showcase the work-in-progress ‘Can you hear me?’ – a solo performance for one performer, speakers and lights, developed during the residency at IAC.

Kirstine Lindemann‘s project is part of her Make Sound Residency at IAC in August and October 2019.

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Photo credits: Nikolaj Marcinowski

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Event dates
9 October, 17:00