p5.js open lecture
Anders Visti
Location: Red Room

Anders Visti will introduce p5.js which is a JavaScript library for creative coding with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, beginners, and anyone else. The presentation will also delve into the cultural implications of information technologies and explore how new technologies change the conditions for artistic production. Anders Visti is an artist, coder and initiator of the Code&Share[ ] community.

Read more about Code&Share[ ] community here.

Photo credits: AaUOS, Aarhus Urban Operating System (2023). Installation view, KH7 Artspace, photo: Mikkel Kaldal (image 1); Anders Visti (image 2)

The lecture is part of “1,2,3 Playtime. A lecture and workshop series in the field of gamification”.

Find more information about the lecture series 1,2,3 Playtime here.

Event dates
14 February, 10:00