Dinis Machado

Dinis Machado’s performance Paradigm works on a DIY folklore for bodies with blurry identities, created through fictional artifacts, narratives, dances, rituals and songs.
 Paradigm is a dance of an exoticism from nowhere. A ritual claim for difference and citizenship. A landscape created from a cadavre exquis of paradoxical references coming from the places where we were born, the places where we live, places we have never been, and most of all, from fictional places. All of them glued together with daily practice. The body, as a mechanical piece of a bigger organic body – the stage itself. This body engages in a ceremony with consequences that are never direct or evident, but it is also a fgure of labor coming from a time before the division between the architect and the bricklayer. A working body producing abstract symbols with concrete materials and a complex homemade engineering.

A body that through this practice enters a process of abstraction, attempting to escape its own anthropomorphism.
To be a human, as to be the theatrical building, disengaged of the pursuit of a (cultural) essence.

A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

With original music by
 Hanna Kangassalo (SE/FI), Robert Tenevall (SE), Erik Sjölin (SE) and with additional voices by Lillemor Tenevall, Kai Kangassalo, Gonçalo Ferreira, Britta Amft, Dinis Machado

Set, light and costume construction Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Outside eyes Pedro Machado (BR/UK), Gonçalo Ferreira (PT), Jorge Gonçalves (DE/PT)

Event dates
4 October, 19:00
Ticket prices dates
Free entrance