Ana Rebordão
Location: Black Room

The three-channel video “Parts” resembles a medieval triptych, where some figures are selected and monitored.

The women of the images exist amongst two spoken languages, English and French, and two sources of sound. On one hand, disturbing compositions, on the other, a clear voice over.

Parts” traces an imaginary history over the feminine. In a world where women are being more objectified and diminished, we are left with their sounds and petite bodies – with contradictions and iconographies of fear.

From the tension of pure orality and small images, the work produces a narrative with many layers of interpretation. Therefore, it combines in one story, elements of social, ecological, psychological and political dimensions – that allows a personal re-organization and letting go of chaos. Paradoxically, it is from absurdity, that we may access to an experience of truth in this era.

The work tells the story of ambiguous princesses, lifeless fishes and mutilated bodies in the desert of emotions. It is a narrative of illusions and wounds, passed in Summers without Sun or heat.

Sound by Kent Olofsson.



Event dates
30 September, 18:00
2 October, 10:00
3 October, 10:00
4 October, 10:00
5 October, 10:00
6 October, 10:00