Performance act by Vala T Foltyn
Exam Exhibition 2022 / MFAAR
Location: VR/Sound Lab

Performance act by Vala T Foltyn as part of the MFAAR exhibition.

“Witching The Unspoken” is the research of Vala T Foltyn that tackles the idea of queering the archives and searches for new methodologies in knowledge production; challenging Western references, the white-heteronormative gaze and institutional regimes of power. In this process the artist|witch includes a case study: the reminiscences of a century-old villa located in Kraków, Poland. The mapping of political and poetic narratives, personal and public become a ‘Gesture of The Witching’ as developed by the artist in her practice of magic.

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Image: Vala T Foltyn, Performance, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, 2021, photo by Dominique Brewing

Exhibition, opening hours: 24–30 May, all days: 12.00–17.00

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Event dates
27 May, 18:00